Published on: 20/03/2015
Last update: 26/07/2010

System for environmental and agricultural modelling; Linking European Science and Society

A large community of more than a hundred scientists from different disciplines was involved in Seamless-IP to study the phenomena involved, develop new (or adopt existing) computer models to quantify them, discover and organize appropriate data required for model calibration and execution, and develop a computer-based integrated framework that is capable to execute the model chain and apply it to various regions of Europe.   The wide diversity of modeling paradigms and data sources underline the need for cross-disciplinary conceptual integration, by facing the challenge of scientific integration, while providing with practical solutions that can be applied in the software development process. The SEAMLESS integrated project aimed at developing a computerized, integrated and working framework (SEAMLESS-IF) to assess and compare, ex-ante, alternative agricultural and environmental policy options.   Expectations: Analysis of the environmental, economic and social contributions of a multifunctional agriculture towards sustainable rural development and rural viability Quantitative and qualitative tools and databases for integrated evaluation of agricultural systems at multiple scales and for varying time horizons A software architecture that allows reusability of model and database components and knowledge, also ensuring transparency of models and procedures developed

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