Cartography Tool v3.0.0

3 years ago

The Cartography Tool (CarTool©) brings together high-level support for the EIRA© as a plug-in for the popular ArchiMate® modelling tool Archi®. It includes both editing features, to model solutions using the EIRA©, and querying functionalities to query an EIRA©-based Cartography of solutions.


Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

The CarTool v3.0.0 plugin has been tested with Archi® version 4.3. This version plugin will not work with any version lower than 4.3 and with the latest version of Archi®. If you have an Archi® erlier version to 4.3, please, upgrade to it. Hereunder the link to download the Archi® version 4.3.3 (for Windows, Linux and MAC):  

Please read the user guide for installation instructions.

Upgrading from previous versions of CarTool

There is no automatic update from 1.0.1 to the current version. Recent CarTool releases work with a newer version of the Archi software and need to be installed manually. Any settings and references to models will need to be reconfigured in the new installation. Please read the user guide for installation instructions.