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eGovERA: Introducing eGovERA: A New Era in eGovernment for Europe

eGovERA's Digital Transformation Impact

Published on: 19/12/2023 News


eGovERA is a transformative solution designed to support eGovernment portfolio management and digital transformation across European Public Administrations. Envisioned for a 2030 horizon, it aims to enable a new generation of European digital public services, ensuring business continuity and modernisation. Developed by DG DIGIT/ISA at the request of DG REFORM, eGovERA is part of the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA), providing a roadmap and ontology for Member States to effectively implement e-Government digital public services.


Target Audience:

  • The CIOs of Member States, such as Heads of Digital Agencies, who plan and optimise investments in e-Government across various policy areas.
  • Public administrations’ services Portfolio Managers, focusing on long-term modernization of specific digital public services.
  • Enterprise or solution architects implementing digital public services, needing a European reference model for planning implementation phases.

eGovERA Ontology and Components:

eGovERA’s Ontology underlines a conceptual model for defining a roadmap for effective e-Government Digital Public Services implementation. It emphasises digital business capabilities guided by dedicated principles, focusing on sustainable and efficient public value delivery using digital technologies. The model is relational, linking policy domains, digital business capabilities, and architectural building blocks to form an integrated data model.

Latest Developments:

Recent releases include various eGovERA reference architectures and a web portal, marking significant strides in this ambitious journey towards digital excellence.

For a comprehensive overview, visit eGovERA on Joinup.