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Discussions on OPM² on the web

Discussions on OPM² on the web

Published on: 09/02/2017 News Archived


Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 06/03/2018 - 16:26

Dear Mr. Kourounakis.

I represent the Ukrainian NGO "TES Fund", which has been engaged in project management for many years. We are often involved to the development of projects for grant financing. For example, for ENI CBC, ENPI, HORIZON 2020, COSME and others. While we are assisting in writing projects, we faced the problem of lack of holistic and systematic knowledge of project management. I have to say that in Ukraine there are not a lot of universities taught by project management, and those who teach do not do it qualitatively. Recently, this issue has become particularly acute, since almost all donor programs of the European Union have become available to Ukraine, and experts/project teams are chronically lacking. In this regard, we have a wondering question if we could arrange special courses for PM2 in Ukraine together with you. For financial support, we can raise funds from one of the existing grant programs that are already available for Ukraine. In this context, you would ensure the participation of experts, we would provide appropriate local support, together we would write a grant application and conduct a series of trainings for 2-3 years, and possibly also initiate development of school on project management with PM2. Perhaps it would be only one school on the post-Soviet space specialized on project management. Regarding me, I have appropriate experience and qualification of the trainer, as well as experience in preparing and implementing such projects. Regards, Andriy Vartsaba. (;