Digital cartography of South Tyrol

Published on: 06/10/2005
Digital cartography out of the box ? South Tyrol is opening its main Geographic Information System to everyone. Since December 2000, the province of South Tyrol has been creating a geodata pool. The material collected has recently been enhanced by an entire ?Browser Family? of WebGis-services which enable the publishing of 20GB of data. Using GIS, interactive maps of the area are available through web-sites to all those who may have an interest. This service provides vital information for environmental purposes, as well as being a rich source of important information for tourists and tourism companies; organisations engaged in the buying, selling and rental of local properties; students to support their studies and of course citizens from the point of view of planning issues. This project has a real role to play in urban planning, the local urban plans being of vital importance to shaping the future urban profile of the 54 South Tyrolean municipalities that the UrbanBrowser covers. The user-friendly browser with on-line support for those who need it also provides information about data derivation and risk assessments on such matters as earthquakes and the safety of quarry sites. This is a multi-lingual application providing a real and valued service to the communities it covers.

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