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Seixal Municipality's online GIS data

Published on: 06/10/2005 Document Archived
Seixal municipality has developed an application using Web-mapping technology in order to simplify access to GIS data. Its technicians have access via an intranet platform while all civil servants external to the authority can use an internet platform accessed via the world wide web. This application allows easy access to complex data using a user-friendly environment in a simple web browser. The main goals of Seixal Municipality for this case are: the promotion of GIS data use and its take up by more users; the improvement of interoperability between departments and increased transparency of their work; the achievement of competitive advantages through the use of time and moneysaving technology.

Technology solution

The need to implement a system that emphasised client interactivity with GIS data, using simple everyday software was a major requirement of this project. A web-based mapping solution was chosen: Autodesk'ss Mapguide software, which has three key components: - Authoring: used to create maps, integrate GIS, CAD data or relational databases and optimise images. - Viewing: the application resides on the client desktop and allows browsers to read programme content beyond standard hypertext data. - Serving: the application is used to process and serve data to the map, to manage requests from client and/or authoring applications and to control access to spatial data sources. Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

- Scope: Regional (sub-national)