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GNU Health Hospital Management System 4.0.3 Switch to the latest release

Published on: 03/04/2022 Last update: 16/02/2024

Dear community


GNU Health 4.0.3 patchset has been released !

*Priority*: High

= Table of Contents =

* About GNU Health Patchsets
* Updating your system with the GNU Health control Center
* Summary of this patchset
* Installation notes
* List of other issues related to this patchset

= About GNU Health Patchsets =

We provide "patchsets" to stable releases. Patchsets allow applying bug
fixes and updates on production systems. Always try to keep your
production system up-to-date with the latest patches.

Patches and Patchsets maximize uptime for production systems, and keep
your system updated, without the need to do a whole installation.

NOTE: Patchsets are applied on previously installed systems only. For
new, fresh installations, download and install the whole tarball (ie,

= Updating your system with the GNU Health control Center =

Starting GNU Health 3.x series, you can do automatic updates on the GNU
Health HMIS kernel and modules using the GNU Health control center

Please refer to the administration manual section ( )

The GNU Health control center works on standard installations (those
done following the installation manual on wikibooks). Don't use it if
you use an alternative method or if your distribution does not follow
the GNU Health packaging guidelines.

= Summary of this patchset =

*Update Python dependencies*

* vobject: We have removed the version pinning on this library, using the current, latest version.

* Update gnuhealth-control and gnuhealth-setup

* Fixed issue on stock and nursing due to an old method on default
  health proffessional.

= Installation Notes =

You must apply previous patchsets before installing this patchset. If
your patchset level is 4.0.2, then just follow the general
instructions. You can find the patchsets at GNU Health main download
site at (

In most cases, GNU Health Control center (gnuhealth-control) takes care
of applying the patches for you.

Pre-requisites for upgrade to 4.0.3: None

Now follow the general instructions at

After applying the patches, make a full update of your GNU Health
database as explained in the documentation.

 When running "gnuhealth-control" for the first time, you will see the
 following message: "Please restart now the update with the new control
 center" Please do so. Restart the process and the update will continue.

* Restart the GNU Health server

= List of other issues and tasks related to this patchset =

* bug #62240: trytond-console: ValueError due to old vobject version
* bug #62235: Traceback on default health professional

 For detailed information about each issue, you can visit For detailed information
 about each task, you can visit

 For detailed information you can read about Patches and Patchsets

Happy and healthy hacking !

Dr. Luis Falcon, MD, MSc
President, GNU Solidario
Advancing Social Medicine