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Advanced geoprocessing with gvSIG

Published on: 03/09/2013 Event Archived
This is a Webinar

MundoGEO and gvSIG Association are organising an online seminar on Advanced GIS and gvSIG with free software, for the Portuguese speaking community.

The webinar will present the geoprocessing tools advanced raster and vector analysis that is available in the gvSIG Desktop solution. The free event is intended for all users and developers of gvSIG Desktop who are interested to know in depth the manager of advanced GIS gvSIG.

Speakers will be: Manuel Pulido Fernández, Assistant professor at the University of Extremadura (Spain) , Doctor of Geography, and Antonio Ordóñez López, Professor of the University of Osuna (Spain), Post-Graduate in Geography. Participants in the webinar can interact with presenters by sending your comments and questions through the chat. All connected to this workshop will receive a certificate for their participation.

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This is a Webinar