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Allow to set the mouse buttons to activate a Behaviour in gvSig 1.x

Anonymous (not verified)
Published on: 21/09/2011 Discussion Archived

In our current Behaviour and ToolListener API and implementations there is no explicit way to set which mouse buttons have to activate them. Almost all of them don't take care of the mouse button, so when you activate a tool, it works the same if you click on the left, central or right mouse buttons. The only listener which takes the mouse button into account is the zoom out one, which has two implementations: one for the left button, and one for the right button. The mechanism should be changed so the Behaviour instances are related to the mouse buttons which activate them. Once that is changed, it would be interesting to review which ToolListeners are registered by default to the right and center button (ex: pan, as per the feature request #14342). This is a clone of the feature request #14869, which was intended for gvsig 2.0 .

ResolutionWorks for me
VersiongvSIG - 1.11.0
SubprojectVersiongvSIG - 1.11.0
SubprojectResolveVersiongvSIG - 1.11.0
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