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New/Nuevo build gvSIG3D build 18 for gvSIG V1.10

Anonymous (not verified)
Published on: 08/02/2011 Discussion Archived

A new build (18) of gvSIG3D and Animation has been created from **. ** * Fixed problem with 64 bit linux installer. * Fixed problem with fglrx installer. * Fixed bug: transparency layer animation doesn't work in a 3D View. * Fixed bug: Selecting symbols with no border or no fill doesn't work. * Fixed bug: Error when add an ArcIMS layer. * Fixed bug: Update colors and units in symbology panel using 3d models as symbols. * Multiple minor bug fixes and stabilization fixes. A new tag has been created:

SubprojectVersion3D - 0.1.0
VersiongvSIG - 1.10.0