About IMAPS (Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service)

Public services must be interoperable

Nowadays, public services can no longer exist in isolation. They must interact with other organisations, and share & utilise data, knowledge and business processes with them. In other words, they must be interoperable.

Such interoperability is of strategic importance to be able to transform governments & reap societal benefits: enabling trusted information exchange, achieving seamless service delivery across sectors borders, reaping cost savings by sharing and reusing solutions rather than creating them anew, flexibly & sustainably interlinking IT systems, and optimising the citizen/business experience.


The IMAPS provides immediate insight into a public service’s interoperability

The IMAPS (Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service) is a self-assessment tool that will evaluate and ultimately improve European Public Service Interoperability maturity. It currently consists of:

  • A compact and highly user-friendly self-assessment through the IMAPS online survey. This 30 minute questionnaire helps public service owners evaluate, improve & consider all key interoperability aspects of their public service, looking at the context of their service, how the service is delivered, how it consumes existing services and how it is managed.
  • On completion of the IMAPS, the Results Output offers tailored recommendations and confidential improvement guidance.

IMAPS is designed to helps public service owners (i.e. those in charge of key services such as online tax filing, online business registration, online change of address, etc. – no matter at what government level: national, regional, local, international) evaluate, improve and consider all key interoperability aspects of their public service.

The predecessor of the IMAPS is the Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM).


The IMAPS Survey

The survey targets owners of digital public services as well as those who have supported its implementation such as enterprise architects and contractors. It can be filled in individually or during a workshop.

In the context of interoperability maturity, the IMAPS measures how well a digital public service is able to interact with other organisations to realise mutually beneficial and agreed common goals through the exchange of information and reuse of services.

Figure 1 displays all possible instances where interoperability with the outside world may occur from the viewpoint of a digital public service:

  • Service Delivery (B) – Delivery of the digital public service;
  • Service Consumption (C) – Consumption of reusable machine-to-machine services from other public administrations and businesses. This can include the consumption of functionalities, base registry information and security services;
  • Service Management (D) – Controlling and monitoring the process flow related to service interactions with the external domain from trigger to outcome. This area includes Service Management aspects such as enterprise architecture, procurement, and service level management.

The interoperability areas indicated in figure 1 are the object of measurement in the IMAPS, specifying where interoperability plays a role from a service management, service delivery and service consumption viewpoint.

Figure 1  Overview of the interoperability areas of the IMAPS model
Figure 1  Overview of the interoperability areas of the IMAPS model











IMAPS Context

The IMAPS is fully aligned with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and therefore can be leveraged to track the implementation status of the EIF's implementation.

IMAPS is an action of the ISA² programme. The ISA² programme is an instrument for the modernisation of European public administrations. Modernising European public administrations and increasing their interoperability is an important contribution to the completion of the Digital Single Market, as one of the top 10 political priorities of the EU (https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/digital-single-market).


IMAPS releases

The current IMAPS release is IMAPS v1.1.1.


IMAPS Assessment Service (IMAPS AS)

IMAPS Assessment (IMAPS AS) Service providers the users with opportunity to assess their public services by using IMAPS assessment tool and related support. The current IMAPS AS release is v1.0.0.


IMAPS Benchmark Service (IMAPS BS)

IMAPS Benchmark Service (IMAPS BS) providers the users with opportunity to assess and benchmark their public services by using IMAPS assessment tool and related support.. The current IMAPS BS release is v1.0.0.


IMAPS Assessment Report

IMAPS Assessment Report - 2018 Edition contains information regarding IMAPS survey assessments executed during years 2017-2018.

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