Joinup 1.73.0

1 year ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6505: Allow anonymous users to join a collection or solution after authenticating #2497


  • ISAICP-3808: Redirect user back to the viewed page after reporting abusive content #2514
  • ISAICP-6433: Improve on-screen message after saving content as draft #2509
  • ISAICP-6440: Sort advanced search filters alphabetically to make it easier to find the right filter #2517
  • ISAICP-6507: Clarify tooltip in the Joinup Licence Assistant #2511
  • ISAICP-6557: Speed up static analysis by running multiple parallel processes #2507
  • ISAICP-6568: Update third party libraries to the latest version #2516


  • ISAICP-6521: Allow multiple glossary terms that start with identical words #2513
  • ISAICP-6567: Missing search engine data prevents acceptance environment from working #2512