Joinup 1.80.0

10 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6632: Update EIRA to v4.1


  • ISAICP-7047: Adapt our code to pipeline install-clone
  • ISAICP-7046: ASDA for Virtuoso & Solr
  • ISAICP-7043: Create environment variables for SOLR
  • ISAICP-7039: Review npm configuration of Ventuno
  • ISAICP-7030: Refactor backup/restore after upgrading to Solr 8
  • ISAICP-7003: Switch from slick(jQuery) to glide(pure JS) on Explore block carousel
  • ISAICP-6976: SEO: adapt markup
  • ISAICP-6936: Global performance: use custom ventuno sprite on search page
  • ISAICP-6896: Post-deploy tasks for Solr 8 update
  • ISAICP-6875: HP SEO: add
  • ISAICP-5915: Creator of collection/solution are not subscribed to their notifications
  • ISAICP-6828: Drop foxy/foxy
  • ISAICP-5422: Moderators able to delete a Legal Notice version

UI, UX and Accessibility

  • ISAICP-6864, ISAICP-6863: Allow search from every page
  • ISAICP-6868: Front-end audit
  • ISAICP-7041: Convert licence/compare page to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-6988: Global performances: Use WebP format for images
  • ISAICP-6975: Accessibility: increase contrast
  • ISAICP-6974: Add accessibility attributes
  • ISAICP-6954: Disable disk persistence in docker Redis
  • ISAICP-6951: Convert contact form to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-6892: Global performance: lazy-load images
  • ISAICP-6890: Global performance: refactor CSS

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-7045: Fix issue with anonymizing authmap table in ACC environment
  • ISAICP-7038: Fix more selenium issues
  • ISAICP-7033: Restore the fix for docker permissions
  • ISAICP-7032: Fix visual regression on guided tour
  • ISAICP-7031: Underscore in Short ID makes the post crash when proposing collection/solution
  • ISAICP-7005: Info banner is not visible on the Advanced Search page
  • ISAICP-6953: Ignore embedded content from search result description
  • ISAICP-6903: Pagination issue in Content listing block


  • ISAICP-7068: Fix SA-CORE-2022-006