Joinup 1.82.0

6 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6384: Auto correction in the area of search functionality
  • ISAICP-7055: Group search chip for search
  • ISAICP-6950: Allow users to embed videos from
  • ISAICP-6876: Allow moderators to export content info report
  • ISAICP-6702: Allow all facilitators/owners access to Draft items in their Collection/Solution


  • ISAICP-7170: Run on Drupal 9.4
  • ISAICP-7153: Use Selenium 4
  • ISAICP-7090: Button in ACC module to send spooled messages
  • ISAICP-7022: The core/jquery.ui.dialog lib is deprecated
  • ISAICP-7016: Replace core/jquery.once lib
  • ISAICP-7004: Remove dependency to aws/aws-sdk-php
  • ISAICP-6955: Dismantle the EU Login account pairing mechanism


  • ISAICP-7175: Update BCL to 0.24.0
  • ISAICP-7164: Avoid dropdown-menu duplication
  • ISAICP-7140: Hide hamburger menu on desktop
  • ISAICP-7094: Align to JS best practices
  • ISAICP-7080: Clicking outside the menu should close it
  • ISAICP-6968: Convert authenticate-to-join page to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-7059: Contact form URL

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-7206: Visited links are underlined in purple no matter what color the text is
  • ISAICP-7183: Removing one entry from content listing reshuffles all of them
  • ISAICP-7169: The develop branch consistently failing
  • ISAICP-7104: Contact form error
  • ISAICP-6685: Newsletter subscription in Joinup collection is broken
  • ISAICP-6658: Saving a curated content listing causes Access Denied error


  • ISAICP-7199: MySQL 8
  • ISAICP-7182: Split tasks for ephemeral environments in .opts.yml
  • ISAICP-7139: Run Status Report at the end of rebuild on all environments