Joinup 1.85.0

5 months ago


  • ISAICP-5537: Remove unused permissions
  • ISAICP-7064: Improve advanced search. Includes: ISAICP-7204, ISAICP-7205, ISAICP-7226
    • ISAICP-7204: Collapse "Geographical Coverage" filter area
    • ISAICP-7205: Removal of the Collection/Solution filter area
    • ISAICP-7226: Add the updated date in the search results
  • ISAICP-7197: Update Basic Map (BMAP) wizard URL
  • ISAICP-7201: Drop jQuery from the EIF filter and Licence filter libraries
  • ISAICP-7273: Increase max length of characters for the video url field
  • ISAICP-7279: EIF Online assistant - September updates
  • ISAICP-7286: Rename Joinup data-drupal-* HTML attributes
  • ISAICP-7342: Update BCL to 0.27.0


  • ISAICP-6947: Replace the default user profile picture
  • ISAICP-6948: Improve how the user profiles are displayed in search results
  • ISAICP-7071: Link the EIF perspective page from the solution's left-side menu
  • ISAICP-7075: Events in explore block should display event date, not creation date
  • ISAICP-7281: Update Home page introduction text
  • ISAICP-7303: Apply the same format as in assistant to the EIF perspective description
  • ISAICP-7329: Clean the header region of Ventuno
  • ISAICP-7361: Update EIF View automated name to "EIF Perspective"

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-6094: Unpublished Solution/Collection must not allow users access to their members page
  • ISAICP-7270: Add/Invite members function raises an error
  • ISAICP-7276: UAT emailing not working
  • ISAICP-7289: Random database error when writing to joinup_group_node_access
  • ISAICP-7347: Error with filecache backend on cron
  • ISAICP-7349: Text changed on homepage. Fix develop
  • ISAICP-7353: Getting whether the repo is shallow clone fails on POC


  • ISAICP-6919: Clear static caches on each single step (remove tags)
  • ISAICP-7156: Add ESlint to the tests
  • ISAICP-7318: Do not lint JS files in iop/assets/js
  • ISAICP-7320: Don't run NPM tasks on each composer install when not necessary
  • ISAICP-7356: CKEditor 4 has been deprecated


  • ISAICP-7346: Add reverse proxy settings in PROD/ACC


  • ISAICP-7358: Drupal security fix SA-CORE-2022-016