Webinar on 'From theory to action: automatic data publishing'

Event date:
Published on: 13/01/2023

Discover the power of automatic data publishing on data.europa.eu! Join our expert-led data.europa academy webinar on January 20th from 10-11:30 CET titled “From theory to action: automatic data publishing”. Learn about the key concepts of automatic data ingestion in data.europa.eu, comply with requirements and navigate the workflow for seamless ingestion.

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OpenDataAcademy_Webinar for data providers05_From theory to action - automatic data publishing



The speakers for this webinar will be the following:

  • Simon Dutkowski, Fraunhofer Fokus
  • Torben Jastrow, Fraunhofer Fokus
  • Bart Hanssens , Interoperability Expert at FOD/SPF BOSA

Learning objectives: 

  1. Understand the concept of automatic ingestion in data.europa.eu.
  2. Introduce the requirements to be harvested by the portal and how to comply with these requirements.
  3. Present the workflow of automatic ingestion in data.europa.eu.  
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