Webinar on 'Trends in geospatial data'

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Published on: 13/10/2022

What are the opportunities from emerging trends in the geospatial community for data.europa.eu? How can data.europa.eu support and benefit from the new ways, including APIs, in which geospatial datasets are offered? This webinar will address these questions by focusing on emerging trends in the geospatial community and discussing these trends, as well as its standards, and further ideas relevant for data.europa.eu.

Join the data.europa academy webinar on ‘Trends in geospatial data’ that will take place on Thursday, 27 October from 10:00 – 11:30 CET.

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    Geospatial trend webinar


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    After a first brainstorming session on current trends regarding geospatial topics, the webinar will deep dive into two recent topics of interest for the future of data.europa.eu:

    1. Modernizing INSPIRE… moving towards Open Data
      • INSPIRE Evaluation, INSPIRE Good Practices, OGC APIs
      • Geospatial data and High Value Datasets (HVD) under the Open Data Directive
    2. The role of geospatial information for Smart Cities