Open Belgium is an annual event gathering industry, research, government and citizen stakeholders. Experience this one-day community driven conference with talks, discussions, panels, workshops and become part of the open community.


From the conference website:


What is the Open Belgium conference?

The Open Belgium conference is a community driven conference about Open Knowledge and Open Data, hosted in Brussels this year. It’s packed with interesting talks and discussions. We debate about the openness of Belgium, from a local point of view to a European perspective. We provide national and international keynotes, cases and workshops, bringing you up to speed on new evolutions and best practices. All this rounds up in a network moment amongst attendees and speakers. The Open Belgium conference started out as a part of the three day conference DataDays in Ghent. Today, this is a yearly conference alternating between the three Belgian regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, keeping the voice of the open community in Belgium alive.

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See the conference website for details.

Physical location
BEL Brussels - Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86C / 3000 1000 Brussels
BEL Brussels - Tour & Taxis Avenue du Port 86C / 3000 1000 Brussels