Open Data: Opportunities and Challenges

Latvia's Open Technology Association (LATA) is organising its 6th annual workshop on 23 January 2014. This year's topic is 'Open Data: Opportunities and Challenges'. The organizers expect this conference to provide insight into processing of open data and the use of open ICT solutions in this context, to industry experts and professionals.

LATA hopes that the conference will acquaint the public with the idea of ​​open data and to encourage discussion of important issues in ICT.

At the event, IT professionals will explain what is open data and what are the business and government challenges for data exchange.

There will be presentations on data processing systems and solutions that can deal with the huge amount of information.

There will be an insight into how open source software helps to create and manage open data.

Experts will share their ideas on the practical implementation of open data and application possibilities both Latvian and the world.

Those interested to attend the conference should register: Registration is possible until 17 January 2014.

Expected Participants:



Physical location
University of Latvia
University of Latvia
Raiņa bulvāris 19
Rīga, LV-1050