City of Malaga shares open da…

City of Malaga shares open data portal extensions

Published on: 06/03/2017

The city of Malaga (Spain) has announced that it is making available several extensions that it developed for the town’s open data portal, which is based on CKAN. The extensions include one to create a corporate look and feel, a contact-module, and another that makes it easy for the CKAN portal to be federated to Spain’s central open data portal.

Malaga's open source based open data portal

The federation extension also lets the city federate its data repository with the data lab at Fiware, the EU-funded future Internet middleware platform.

Malaga’s modules are reused by other cities in Spain to federate their own data, the city’s open government team wrote in an announcement on Joinup in December. Examples include the towns of Alcobendas, Fuengirola and Rivas-Vacíamadrid.

All about data

All of the extensions are made available on GitHub under a creative commons licence. The team in Malaga will continue to maintain the extensions.

The collection of data available on Malaga’s open data portal makes it Spain’s fourth-biggest. The portal, which was launched in August 2013, list some 60 data sets on the city.

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