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121 proposals later, discover who our 12 finalists are for EU Datathon 2020!

Shortlisted teams

Published on: 25/08/2020 News Archived

This year’s EU Datathon adventure started in February with the call to data enthusiasts worldwide to propose ideas for applications using open data from the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. The deadline for proposals was early May.

The preselection jury had 121 proposals to select, the biggest number of entries since the first EU Datathon took place in 2017. These proposals were aimed to address four Challenges of the European Commission, and invited participants to develop apps to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic with their solutions.


Who are the 12 finalist teams?

These are the preselected teams. Looking at their origin, they stretch across Europe and beyond.

Datathon Shortlist - Final

Unlocking the value of circular economy, transforming rural areas, fostering transparency and defending democracy against disinformation, contributing to the EU´s digital strategy, increasing the efficiency of environmental protection, providing education tools, or supporting SMEs, these are some of the areas the shortlisted teams will focus on when developing their apps over the period of 19 weeks before the finals at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels from 12 to 15 October 2020.

These proposals address every type of target audience: the citizens of the EU and beyond, students, SMEs, policy makers and governments. Developed with the support of EU Datathon 2020, the apps will be marketable and will bring a great value to multiple communities of users.

Next steps


To find out more, join or follow the event please visit the EU Datathon website. Follow us also on Twitter (@EU_opendata, @euinmyregion) with the hashtags #EUdatathon and #ideas4EU.