Skip to main content is a website allowing all administrations to deploy public services through digital form generation. The solution is compliant with all GDPR and administration requirements in terms of privacy and security.

The goal of demarches-simplifiees is to empower any administration in its digitalisation process and enable the public sector to create digital public services without any technical skills. The solution is open-source and the code is available and open to any technical contribution.

 The solution includes:

  • A user interface accessible to the citizen
  • An admin side enabling to creation of forms
  • An instructor side in order to process the citizen's requests.
  • An API to interoperate with other software

Regarding the achievements: More than 9,5 million files have been processed through more than 1000 French administrations, and the solution gathers a community of 15,000 administrators and 90,000 instructors.

In terms of features, the first thing that has been developed is the ability to clone a form and this feature had the objective to make any administration gain time by collaborating. For example, we have a form regarding the driving licence that has been cloned by nearly all the 100 French districts. Another relevant example was the request for a residence permit that are processes operated at the district scale by non-technical teams.

On a second way, has demonstrated its ability to be deployed for large and urgent procedures. In 2020, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose our solution to deploy the COVID-19 pass for extra-European foreigners and deployed in 10 days a network of 450 instructors, gathering 250,000 files per month.


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Direction interministerielle du numérique - France

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