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The Rise of the Open Source Program Offices (OSPO)

Published on: 16/03/2023 Last update: 21/03/2023 Document

Chapter 19 "The Rise of the Open Source Program Offices (OSPO)" 

Cover of the document "The Rise of the Open Source Program Offices (OSPO)"
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from the book "Open Source Law, Policy and Practice (2nd edn)"

Author: Nithya Ruff
Year: 2022


"This chapter discusses the Open Source Program Office (‘OSPO’). OSPO’s have become de rigeur through 2020 and many organisations wonder how they benefit from starting one — and, perhaps why they should invest in one, especially when they are already consuming open source software. The chapter considers the advantage of engaging with an OSPO, its history and origins, and an OPSO’s impacts on an organisation. It argues that the biggest reason to do so is to proactively drive product/service intention and strategy, which also happens to be the biggest benefit of engaging with open source projects. Proactively driving product/service strategy tends to speed time to market, providing a competitive advantage."


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