Online event: Matomo Camp

Event date:
Published on: 15/09/2021

Between 4 and 5 November 2021, an online community event on the subject of Matomo Analytics is being organised. The Matomo Camp will consist of multiple sessions explaining how the free and open source software solution can be used to analyse the behaviour of users within an information system belonging to any type of organization.

Matomo Camp

Matomo, which means “honesty” in Japanese, is an open source software solution created in 2007 as an all-in-one web analytics platform. Matomo offers:

  • Matomo Analytics interface
  • 100% data ownership
  • Flexibility, reliability and security
  • User-privacy protection
  • Options to self-host on-premise or cloud host
  • Open source analytics
  • GDPR compliance
  • 100+ integrations

The Motomo Camp is the first event organised by the Matomo community to present the open source solution to the general public and to share knowledge and experience within the community. In addition to simply presenting Matomo, some talks will also address the transition from Google Analytics to Matomo Analytics, as well as data management and e-privacy regulations. 

During this event, all software used for the organisation of the Matomo Camp will be fully open source.

Participation is free and registration is not required.