Online event: Open Source Solutions - Webinar series

Event date:
Published on: 08/10/2021

Between 11 and 19 October 2021, CEN-CENELEC are organising a series of six webinars on the incorporation of open source approaches, especially the use of open source licences, into standardisation activities in order to keep standards relevant in the digital era. The ‘Open Source Solutions’ project will be presented during several sessions aimed at the general public and specific audiences (see the list of workshops below).


The CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) and the CENELEC (European Committee for Standardisation in Electronics and Electrotechnics) are two of the three European standardisation organisations, whose main objective is to remove trade barriers for European industry and consumers. The mission of CEN and CENELEC is to produce high quality European Standards to foster the European economy in global trading, the welfare of European citizens and the environment.

As part of CEN and CENELEC’s Digital Transformation activities, CEN and CENELEC’s Digital Transformation Project 4 called ‘Open Source Solutions’ is looking at ways to incorporate open source approaches into the European standardisation ecosystem and to have a complete framework, fully tested by pilots, in place by December 2022.

The list of sessions is shown in the table below, all hosted via Zoom:

Monday 11 October 2021 – 10am-12pm CET

General public

Info session – project summary


Tuesday 12 October 2021 – 10am-12pm CET

Standards makers (experts in TCs or WGs)

Workshop – including processes and licensing


Wednesday 13 October 2021 - 10am-12pm CET

Developers, including open source communities’ members

Workshop – including processes, technical tools and licensing


Thursday 14 October 2021 - 10am-12pm CET

Standards users (not involved in standards making)

Workshop – including processes and technical tools


Friday 15 October 2021 - 10am-12pm CET

Open source communities (people who work at the community head offices)

Workshop – including processes, technical tools, licensing and commercials


Tuesday 19 October 2021 - 10am-12pm CET

Members (various departments, including standardisation, publishing and legal)

Workshop – including processes, technical tools, licensing and commercials