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Basque parliament adapts work…

Basque parliament adapts workflow to eID tool

Published on: 07/04/2015

The Basque Parliament is planning to overhaul its workflow, wishing to increase its use of digital identity and electronic signature solutions. The Basque Parliament is using Sinadura, an open source eID tool developed by Zylk, a Bilbao-based open source IT service provider. The parliament now wants to combine this with more applications, the company says.

New possibilities include the managing of signature profiles and the use of predefined signature fields. The software can now also be combined with a corporate proxy server.

The Basque Parliament is one of the sponsors of Sinadura.

All political groups in the Basque Parliament are using Sinadura to electronically sign documents. Parliamentarians use it for signing of the minutes of plenary sessions and to process internal documents. The software also handles all the signatures made by the parliament’s chairperson, says Zylk. The tools can sign all kinds of electronic files, including invoices, PDFs and other documents.

The enterprise version of the software handles identification and can be integrated in enterprise content management systems such as Alfresco and Liferay. The desktop application allows users to inspect the meta data used in creating and validating of electronic signatures, such as the signer, date and time of the signature.

Cardcaptor Sakura

The company talked about the Basque Parliament’s use of Sinadura a the LibreCon software conference in November.

The Basque Parliament began exploring the use of eID tools after adopting a law on electronic signatures in 2003, and with the founding of the Izenpe certificate authority. The past few years demand for eSignatures in increasing, prompted by laws on electronic invoicing and accounting systems.

This February, a new version of Sinadura Desktop was published. The site also provides related eID tools, including Kerozain, a cloud password manager, and a mobile signature solution for the Android computer platform.


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