Datatidy is an open source data processing platform

A Danish open source data processing platform

Published on: 01/12/2020
Last update: 08/05/2021

Datatidy is an Open Source data processing motor for public organisations. It was released in September by a collaboration between cross-public organisations in Denmark. Datatidy makes is eaier to handle data sets from IoT devices and "translate" it to human language.

Datatidy, logo


The solution Datatidy aims to make the work with data easier for public bodies. Datatidy provides Danish public organisations with an overview of their data. The platform can gather data in cross-municipality data set, map data after shared values, and make data easier to convey.


Technical data

The purpose of Datatidy is to translate technical data to data, which is easy for humans to analyse. Through the dataflow, data is transformed and ‘improved’, and it becomes easier to decode for a public organisation.


Easier to work with both IoT data and other data

The platform is a processing motor, which makes it easier for work with IoT data and other kinds of data. It does not keep the data but pulls them out of the organisation’s own data source with a HTTP-source.

Datatidy is for public organisations and private companies will only benefit through data, which is unifies or conveyed. They can not use the platform.


Benefits of cross-public data

Datatidy allows:

  • Simpler communication when numbers given by sensors for e.g. wind directions is translated in to compass direction: North, South, Southwest etc.
  • Gathering of dataset for cross-municipality data.
  • Creating geo-data for Business Intelligence so it becomes easier to create direct visualisations on a map.

The list is but few examples of the benefits of Datatidy. The list comes from an article by Open Data DK.


Open Source and free

Datatidy is a free platform, which public organisations can sign up for through the network Open Data DK. The platform is Open Source and it is possible for users to contribute through pull-requests. The intention is to let the platform develop through the needs and wishes of the public sector.


The organisations behind Datatidy

Partnerskabet for åbne offentlige data (Partnership for open public data, red) consisting of Erhvervsstyrelsen, KL, Danske Regioner and Open Data DK. Datatidy is developed by ITK Development in Aarhus municipality.



Final take-aways

  • Datatidy is a data processor, which translates technical data to somewhat more digestible data for the human eye.
  • The motor is a tool for public organisation to work with own and/or Open Data.
  • Datatidy is fully Open Source and constructed in a collaboration between public organs and Open Data DK.