French Labour Code open source

France to launch the Digital Labour Code open source platform


As of 1 January 2020, the French Ministry of Labour will launch the Digital Labour Code website (Code du Travail Numérique), an open source-powered platform. Thanks to this platform French citizens will get an easy access to information regarding the Labour Code applicable to each sector of the economy.

Labour code open source

What is the Digital Labour Code platform?

The Digital Labour Code platform is a free online public service which allows users to get an easy access to personalised tools regarding compensations and salaries, as well as information for employees and employers from all sectors of activity, including:

  • Hiring conditions and employment contract;
  • Salary and Compensation;
  • Work time;
  • Leave and rest;
  • Employment and vocational training;
  • Health, safety and working conditions;
  • Staff representation and collective bargaining;
  • Leaving the company; and
  • Workplace conflicts and regulatory control.

The Digital Labour Code platform also makes personalised tools available in order to, for example, calculate the amount of the severance package upon leaving a company, the required length of the notice of resignation, the difference between gross and net salary, and templates to fill in official documents.

An open source platform

The Digital Labour Code platform was developed using NodeJS 10+ and published on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 licence. The platform is the result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Labour (Direction Générale du Travail) and the Regional Directorates for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTE). The development and maintenance of the platform are carried out by, the French government public start-up network and the French Social Ministries’ incubator. Both organisations support public start-ups developing online services of general interest for the French administration. In November 2018, the project was the laureate of the Public Service Transformation Fund call for projects.

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