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Funding opportunity: Open Calls on moving the Internet forward

Funding opportunity: Open Calls on moving the Internet forward

Published on: 06/04/2023 News

NGI Zero Core 1st Open Call

Opening date: 1st April 2023

Closing date: 1st August 12:00 CET

We want a more resilient, trustworthy and open internet. We want to empower end-users. Given the speed at which the ‘twin transition’ is taking place, we need a greener internet and more sustainable services sooner rather than later. Neither will happen at global scale without protocol evolution, which — as the case of three decades of IPv6 introduction demonstrates — is extremely challenging. NGI0 Core is designed to push beyond the status quo and create a virtuous cycle of innovation through free and open source softwarelibre hardware and open standards. If we want everyone to use and benefit from the internet to its full potential without holding back, the internet must be built on strong and transparent technologies that allow for permissionless innovation and are equally accessible to all.

Target participants: We assist independent researchers and developers to create powerful new technologies, and to help them put it in the hands of future generations as building blocks for a fair and democratic society and a sustainable and open economy that benefits all. Have a look at other NGI Zeroprogrammes to see the kind of efforts we mean, but don’t be afraid to send something completely different if you think you can contribute to the topic — it really is an open call.


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