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Hungary seeks nationwide, open source eLearning tool

Hungary seeks nationwide, ope…

Published on: 02/11/2016 News Archived

Municipalities in Hungary should be able to use modern, web based eLearning tools to train their staff. To make this possible, Hungary’s State Treasury is looking for a service provider to help them run the open source Moodle eLearning solution.

On 25 October, the Magyar Államkincstár (State Treasury) published a European call for tender, to help them implement a nationwide eLearning system. The use of Moodle, running on Linux servers, is part of the requirements. To help municipalities use the eLearning environment, the service provider should offer technical support and be able to organise webinars.

The eLearning system is part of Hungary’s Önkormányzati ASP (Municipality ASP), a collection of IT services that can be accessed by municipalities across the country. It includes call centre services and the central provisioning of database and server-based applications. In particular, the government cloud services should help the smallest of Hungary’s 3,152 municipalities to have access to and provide modern, web-based services.

The Önkormányzati ASP project involves nearly two-thirds of all municipalities. The Moodle eLearning project is meant to help them use the government cloud.

The contract will be for 21 months, and is non-renewable. The deadline for submitting offers is 28 November.

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