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Poznań county looking for open source services


Poznań county in Poland is looking for short-term help with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux and other IT solutions. Last week, the district administration published a request for tender, asking for specialists who can work at the agency for about two months.

The county is also looking for people with experience in using archiving and backup solutions running on Linux as well as proprietary systems.

The image shows the request, it is a screenshot from The request was published on Europe’s procurement portal last week. The deadline for applications is 2 October. Applicants must prove they have three years’ experience in using the requested IT solutions.

Poznań county organises common public services in 17 municipalities in the Poznań region, excluding the city. The county is responsible for schools and education, social services and general healthcare, public safety and public transport. The county also handles waste management and monitors the environment.

More information:

Procurement request by the Poznan county (in Polish)

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