OSOR at FOSS Backstage:

OSOR at FOSS Backstage:

Published on: 02/03/2023

The Open Source Observatory will be at FOSS Backstage 2023 and will present the European Commission’s Interoperable Europe Act and the proposal’s implications for the Open Source ecosystem. The session will take place on the 14th March from 14:35 to 15:05 on stage 1. The session can be seen in person or online, and you can book your tickets here

The Interoperable Europe Act aims to reinforce the cross-border interoperability of the public sector’s digital services in the EU. The regulation would introduce a new set of governance structures between Member States and the European Commission (the co-owners of the governance structures) to reinforce European cooperation on interoperability.

The session will focus on two main aspects of the Interoperable Europe Act. First, its governance structure, in which the Interoperable Europe Board and the Interoperable Europe Community will work together to implement the Act’s provisions. Then, it will focus on the reuse and share mechanism detailed in article 4 of the proposal. Finally, we will shortly present the work done by OSOR and will take time to answer  audience questions on the presentation.  

FOSS Backstage is a two-day conference where panellists will discuss topics related to open source governance and open collaboration. In this edition, speakers will discuss various subjects such as public procurement of open source, OSPOs, open science and diversity and inclusion. You can find the full agenda here.