Revamped Linex website part o…

Revamped Linex website part of Extremadura's digital agenda


The government of Extremadura (Spain) on Wednesday unveiled its new Linex website, where it makes available its GNU/Linex Linux distribution and associated software development projects. The site will also include many of the region's Digital Agenda projects. "Extremadura wants to remain a technological leader in the field of open source software", the governement announced.

By revamping the Linex website, the government hopes to boost expansion of the Linex distribution. It will use the new online home to share other projects, all aiming to promote the use of ICT. The site will play an important role in demonstrating existing ICT solutions made available by the regional administration.

The government of Extremadura wants to provide an attractive online reference to help promote the distribution. It intends the site "to strengthen the productive capacity and competitiveness of enterprises and provide citizens with the latest in technological tools to help improve their quality of life."

Six versions

The renewed site offers downloads of the latest version of the distribution, LinEx 2013. During installation, users can choose between six different selections of software solutions, meant for citizens, non-governmental organisations, users with special needs, entertainment, software development or innovation.

The site includes a forum, aimed at facilitating the exchange of information and tips regarding the use of GNU/Linex. The website will also offer news related to the distro.

Used by thousands

Over 70,000 PCs and laptops in schools in the region are running one of these GNU/Linex versions. A second Linux distribution, Lingobex - which is based on the same Debian source distribution, is used by close to 10,000 computer workstations in public health care organisations in the region. Lingobex is also planned to be used for many PC workstations in other public administrations in Extremadura. LinGobEx is designed to fit the government's needs, while Linex is a more general distro.

Following the elections in 2011, the Partido Popular government had taken over the Linux distribution project, which had started before 2002. Last summer, Extremadura announced it wanted a broader community to become involved in the continued development of LinEx.


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