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Russia deploying public pressure mechanisms to improve efficiency of road construction and maintenance

Russia deploying public press…

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Published on: 18/12/2015 News Archived

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has set in motion an action plan to increase competitiveness and quality in road works, and to improve public control mechanisms in this area, in an effort to improve the efficiency of construction and maintenance of the Russian road system.

The plan is part of an improvement drive in the development and maintenance of the road system. Among other things, it provides for the definition of a market model for the construction and reconstruction of roads, and for the development of common requirements for tender procedures. Furthermore, a single online resource with information about the roads will be established.

Public control

Creating a unified online information resource is expected to increase public pressure in controlling road construction projects. The portal will contain an overview of all roads of the Russian Federation, and whether they are operational, reconstructed, under construction, or planned for construction. There will also be information on the timing of road projects, the government agencies and contractors responsible, costs, the current owner, repairs and reconstruction being conducted, and statistics on accidents.

Furthermore, citizens will be able to use the system to report poor road conditions. Another front-end will be created for the public to monitor the situation on roads and to reduce the number of accidents.


Currently, legislation is under development that will ensure public control of all phases of road projects. Major projects worth over 5 billion rubles (about 65 million euros) will be subject to an independent public audit on technology and price. The current practice of independent members of the public participating as observers in the composition of tender committees will be expanded. And the responsible government agencies will create the possibility for people to discuss the implementation of major projects on their websites. Finally, a public committee will be created to monitor the implementation of major infrastructure projects.