South Australia to test use o…

South Australia to test use of Joinup for sharing and re-use


The South Australian Government is considering running a trial of the Joinup platform, hoping to use it as their internal sharing and collaboration platform, a spokesperson for the CIO confirmed today. According to Stephen Schmid, general manager of the Open Technology Foundation, the South Australian is also working towards federating the internal platform with Openray, a similar platform open to the public sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Both the internal platform piloted by the South Australian government and Openray are based on the European Commission's Joinup platform. The difference between the two is that Openray will be public, focusing on Australia and New Zealand. The South Astralian government is considering to use it as an internal platform. Schmid: "They will share the outcomes and benefits with all interested government jurisdictions in Australia."

Re-using Open e-Prior

South Australia is also preparing to test the use of Open e-Prior, the open source software solution developed by the European Commission's ISA programme for post-award e-procurement management. The system helps exchange documents between the public administrations and contractors before and after the award of a contract, such as catalogues of goods or services, orders and invoices.

"The South Australia government is particularly interested in the pre-award module for eSubmission", says Schmid. "They have fairly similar requirements, so they want to test it."


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