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Core Vocabularies WG Virtual Meeting 2011.01.12

Published on: 12/01/2012



Thursday 12 January 2012, 14-17:00 CET (UTC+1)

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  • European Commission: Vassilios Peristeras
  • Core Person Task Force Chair: Greg Potterton 
  • Core Business Task Force Chair: Piotr Madziar
  • Core Location Task Force co-chairs:  Andrea Perego, Michael Lutz, Paul Smits
  • Scribe: Niels van Hee, Débora Di Giacomo
  • Editor: Phil Archer

Core Person

Agenda Item Owner Subject
1 GP Roll call/welcome new members
2 GP/PA Adoption of minutes of previous meeting
3 PA Overview of the combined concept scheme and evolving spec
4 GP Issue 98 - personal identifiers. Discussion and resolution on proposal to use Formal Identifier class 
5 GP Issue 131 - place of birth. Proposal to use Location TF's work so that country of birth and citizenship are recorded using a Geographical Identifier class and that place of birth is the more general Spatial reference (which can be given as a geographical Identifier, Address or even, unlikely as it seems, a point on a map). 

We should also formally record a decision to include (or exclude) date of birth.
6 GP Capturing change. Issue 100(history of name changes) andIssue 103 (date stamp entire record) . Already resolved that we will defer to a change vocabulary to be worked on after the current crop is completed but is the group happy with the way this is presented in the concept scheme and evolving spec?
7 GP There was a request on last week's call for use cases surrounding the need to capture the death details of an individual. This was met with scepticism from some WG members and no use cases have been forthcoming. The existing use cases do not include death details although UN/CEFACT has fields for it. Proposal is to not include details of death, however, the evolving spec does indicate that a death can be recorded as an Event. Issue 101
8 GP Issue 102 Inclusion of alternative names. See evolving spec for proposal on how to include this. 
9 GP If time - consider issue of how to capture a date. Potentially we have two date types "strict, such as 2011-12-15T14:00:00+1" and "approximate such as "1937" 
10 GP/PA Expectations for next week's call and the week after (hope is that next week we can review RDF and XML schemata. Draft of spec should be ready the following week for review by WG members without a meeting on 26/1). 

Core Business

Agenda Item Owner Subject
1 PM Roll call/welcome new members 
2 PM Adoption of minutes of previous meeting
3 PA Overview of the combined concept scheme and evolving spec
4 PM Multiplicity of Legal Identifier (0..1 or 1..1). See Chris's Comments on combined model
5 PM Issue 191 - Country of Origin. See Chris's comments on combined model 
6 PM Issue 192 - The Formal Identifier class See also Issue 126 Identifiers.
7 PM Issue 127 which links to  FINANCIAL INSTITUTION REGISTER (European Banking Authority) Proposal: include a "hasLicenceFor" property which can be used to state that a given business has a licence to operate as a bank, to mine, export weapons etc. Proposal: include new field of "holds licence for" that links to a concept of a licence that has fields for issuing authority and licensed activity   
8 PM Issue 123  (alternative name). Lots of good discussion around this. Proposal: maintain field for alternative name but emphasise that, from a Core Vocabulary point of view, all fields are optional. In some countries, alternative names are not recognised and their provision may be seen as bad practice.
9 PM/PA Expectations for next week's call and the week after

Core Location

Agenda Item Owner Subject
1 ML/AP Roll call/welcome new members  
2 ML/AP Adoption of minutes of previous meeting
3 PA Presentation of combined model (which uses last week's Location model) 
4 ML/AP Presentation of alternative models - Resolution on overall model? 
5 ML/AP Resolution of address components   
6 ML/AP Are all open issues covered? 
7 ML/AP/PA Expectations for next week's call and the week after. 

Meeting Minutes

CV WG Virtual Meeting 2012.01.12 - Minutes - v0.02.pdf



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