Alignment with DOAP - Description of a Project

Published on: 05/06/2012

The since v0.3 RDF Vocabulary reuses classes, properties, and relationships defined by DOAP - Description of a project. For example:

Does the working group see any further properties in DOAP that should be explicitly referenced by the ADMS.F/OSS specification?

There are also some properties in DOAP that make it less interoperable with other specifications:

  • doap:description: Both the dcterms:description and doap:description properties fully cover the ADMS.F/OSS property of the same name. It would be better if doap:description were defined as a sub-property of dcterms:description. Similarly, the doap:name propertie is a sub-property of rdfs:label. The right place to make this change is in the DOAP RDF Schema.

Should this be requested from the maintainers of DOAP?




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