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Publication of Core Vocabularies as "True" Linked Data (machine-accessible online)

Published on: 01/08/2022 Discussion


I'm wondering whether the EU Core Vocabularies could (once again) be published as "truly machine accessible linked data". At present all the different semantic technology formats are published as offline-version that have to be downloaded and imported into different tools. What we would need is simply this (quoting my more technically-oriented colleague from another discussion in the UNECE sphere):

"The issue is due to content negotiation, as our tool only loads vocabularies from the namespace ... based on the expectation that linked data vocabularies should be published in a way that the machine readable version is resolvable from the namespace. It is the only way to be sure that the vocabulary is the same as expected. You don't want the situation where someone could claim that something is in the vocabulary when it actually isnt. It is the only working mechanism of trust (so far) in the linked data world. 

Vocabularies shouldn't be published with a namespace that cannot be configured. There are many alternative ways to deal with these issues, for example using namespace to redirect to any format.  
Namespace for the vocabulary is the permanent identifier for the vocabulary, which should be resolvable as a best practice using context negotiation.  
Its just expected way to mediate the machine readable vocabulary  
And if that mechanism isnt working there is no machine accessable way to determine if something like [unece:AccountingAccount] is a real thing or not"

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