Contradiction dct:spatial and dct:Location

Published on: 26/10/2016
Description of the information contained in the two properties:
  • dct:spatial
    “The MDR Named Authority Lists must be used for continents, countries and places that are in those lists; if a particular location is not in one of the mentioned Named Authority Lists, Geonames URIs must be used.”
  • dct:location
    “A spatial region or named place. It can be represented using a controlled vocabulary or with geographic coordinates. In the latter case, the use of the Core Location Vocabulary is recommended, following the approach described in the GeoDCAT-AP specification.”
  Issue: The use of the MDR vs. Geonames vs. the Core Location Vocabulary URIs seems to be confusing. A new guideline could clarify, e.g. by giving examples of actual use.   Previous related discussion is available here: