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Criterion Requirement class - Cardinality of Type property

Anonymous (not verified)
Published on: 28/07/2017 Discussion Archived


This issue was raised by Ignacio Serrano through the CPSV-AP mailing list:

Why is property "Type (dct:type)" mandatory ([1..1]) only in this class? This property is not mandatory in other classes of the AP, like in the Public Service, Event, Evidence, Output, Channel and Formal Framework classes.
Our system has currently stored criterion requirements as free text, so we would not be able to use this class if this property is mandatory. Or, at least, if there is not an "Other" term in the controlled vocabulary to be defined.






Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 28/07/2017 - 13:17

The CPSV-AP reuses the class Criterion Requirement from the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary (CCCEV). Therefore, we will have a look at the latest version of the CCCEV and align with it.