New release tau-argus version…

New release tau-argus version 4.1.5

Published on: 18/04/2017

A new release of tau-argus is available. See


Version 4.1.5 is provided as Windows binary. There is a version with and without a bundled 32-bit Java runtime.


If you use the bundled version, tau-argus should automatically use the bundled jave runtime and by-pass any existing installed Java version, also in case of 64 bit Windows.


For all changes, see the Release notes.

Changes w.r.t. version 4.1.4:

  • Modular and Optimal now use the same method to deal with the scaling of the cost-variable.
  • Some memory-issues in TauArgusJava.dll fixed.
  • Some issues related to the number of significant digits are now fixed.
  • Partitioning in Rounding should work again.
  • Some issues concerning saving tables (e.g., options)  are fixed.
  • Added many checks when reading tabular input.
  • Some small bugs in interface fixed.