JDemetra+ 1.3.2

9 years ago

This is the release 1.3.2 of JDemetra+.

You can find install instructions here:

Note that you don't need the sources to run the application.



Release notes:

Statistical Algorithms
FIXED Refreshing batch processing with automatic detection of trading days (Tramo)
ADDED Revision analysis (Seats)
ADDED Sseasonality tests (Tramo-like)
IMPROVED TramoSeats algorithm (last improvements)
IMPROVED SA diagnostics (less strict for Seats diagnostics)
ADDED Support of multiple TSW repositories
IMPROVED Loading time and memory usage in spreadsheets
FIXED Date detection in Excel files
FIXED Column count in OpenDocument spreadsheet files
ADDED Support of number pattern in time series providers
Graphical user interface
ADDED Selection of time series to be displayed in single ts mode in grids
FIXED AutoCompletion popup on secondary screen
ADDED Cells tooltips in grids
ADDED Forecast rendering in grids
IMPROVED Time series selection in grids
ADDED Charset, date pattern and number pattern editors
ADDED Optional colorscheme rendering in grids
ADDED Optional bar rendering in grids
IMPROVED Menu shortcuts in grids
IMPROVED Source code documentation
IMPROVED AutoCompletion API