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Open Data SupportOpen Data Support is a 36 month project of DG CONNECT of the European Commission to improve the visibility and facilitate the access to datasets published on local and national open data portals in order to increase their re-use within and across borders. Open Data Support is a pan-European initiative targeting both those data publishers that are well underway but also the ones that are just starting.


To achieve its objective, Open Data Support provides to (potential) publishers of open datasets, three types of services:

  • Data and metadata preparation, transformation and publication services that will enable them to share the metadata of their datasets on the pan-European linked metadata infrastructure delivered by the project;
  • Training services in the area of (linked) open data, aiming to build both theoretical and technical capacity to EU public administrations, in particular to favour the uptake of linked open data technologies; and
  • IT advisory and consultancy services in the areas of linked open data technologies, data and metadata licensing, and business aspects and externalities of (linked) open data. 

The project is summarised by the figure below. Click on the picture to see the project's service description:



Online training service

We are providing you with a catalog of online training and tests in order to advance your knowledge in the field of Open Data Support. Please note that all trainings are available in English, French and German.

Click on the image below to access the training catalog and overview:


Onsite training plan 2013 - 2014

The table below summarises the (tentative) training plan for 2013-2014.


Receiving organisation


16 October 2013

Spanish Government (training material in English)

Madrid, Spain

16 October 2013

Italian Government (training material in Italian)

Bologna, Italy

28 November 2013 Belgian Government (training material in Dutch) Brussels, Belgium
4 December 2013 Belgian Government (training material in French) Brussels, Belgium

early December

Swedish Government


11 December 2013 Dutch Government (training material in Dutch) The Hague, The Netherlands
5 February 2014 European Commission (training material in English) Brussels, Belgium
21 February 2014 Latvian Government (training material in Latvian) Riga, Latvia
26 February 2014 Lithuanian Government (training in Lithuanian) Vilnius, Lithuania
18 March 2014 Greek Government  Athens, Greece
28 March 2014 Estonian Governent Tallinn, Estonia
20 May 2014 European Commission Luxembourg
11 June 2014 Romanian Government Bucharest, Romania


DG CONNECT is aiming to advance the Commission's open data policy by accompanying the adoption process of the revised Directive on the re-use of Public Sector Information by Parliament and Council and by promoting open data policies across the European Union. In this vein, DG CONNECT is funding a set of initiatives, Open Data Support being one of them, for creating the basis for pan-European portals for open data.

The problem that Open Data Support is dealing with is the limited accessibility and the lack of (cross-border) awareness of open datasets published on national, regional and local data portals of European Member States. This has a negative impact on the reuse of these datasets, which remains quite low – certainly beyond expectations. 

Get Involved

If your organisation, is a national, regional or local open data publisher, you are eligible for receiving our services. Should you be interested in knowing more about Open Data Support and collaborating with us, please email us at

Open Data Support is funded  under SMART 2012/0107 ‘Lot 2: Provision of services for the Publication, Access and Reuse of Open Public Data across the European Union, through existing open data portals’(Contract No. 30-CE-0530965/00-17).

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