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The Open Source Observatory is a community for exchanging information, experiences and best practices around open source solutions for use in public administrations. We help you find open source software made available by other public administrations, and solve issues related to development. OSOR lets you share your own solutions. This is the place to learn from best practices in Europe and around the world. Join us! Join the OSOR; get access to the latest news & events, learn ...

30 November 2015 | Germany
Themes: eGovernment, Economics, Business and Competition, Education and Communications, Science.
74 visits | Rating: 5/5
Germany’s Aerospace Centre DLR is steadily increasing its use of free and open source software. The DLR is already using open source tools for many of its software development projects, and also makes several of...
30 November 2015 | Spain
Themes: eGovernment, Politics, Procurement, Economics, Business and Competition, Production, Technology and Research, Science, Social Questions.
111 visits | Rating: 5/5
“Office suite migration remains the most complex” The Spanish city of Zaragoza continues to expand its use of free and open source software. The city administration now has 1200 of its 3000 PCs running the...
25 November 2015 | France
Themes: Open Source, technology.
102 visits | Rating: 5/5
The French administration is still a large enabler of Free Software in France. According to a survey published by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC , CXP group), a French consulting company, the public sector is seen as an...

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Open Source Observatory
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