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The Open Source Observatory is a community for exchanging information, experiences and best practices around open source solutions for use in public administrations. We help you find open source software made available by other public administrations, and solve issues related to development. OSOR lets you share your own solutions. This is the place to learn from best practices in Europe and around the world. Join us! Join the OSOR; get access to the latest news & events, learn about ...

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22 September 2016 | Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, North America, Oceania
Themes: Communication (infrastructure), Crime, Justice and Law, Culture and Media, Education, Science and Research, eGovernment, Politics, User centric services, European Communities, Business and Competition, Education and Communications, Industry, Production, Technology and Research, Science.
318 visits | Rating: 5/5
The below article is important to those thinking about open source software in Europe: Why China is the next proving ground for open source software The article, from TechRepublic, focuses on the Chinese taking the lead...
19 September 2016 | EU Institutions
Themes: eGovernment, Politics, Procurement, Finance, Production, Technology and Research, Science, Social Questions, Trade.
307 visits | Rating: 5/5
The European Commission is about to make a public inventory of the open source solutions used by the Commission and the European Parliament. A methodology for creating the inventory was just accepted by the EC’s...
15 September 2016 | EU Institutions, Europe, Germany
Themes: eGovernment, Politics, Procurement, Economics, Business and Competition, Production, Technology and Research, Science, Social Questions.
636 visits | Rating: 5/5
Software developed with public funds should be made available as free and open source software, says Member of the European Parliament Julia Reda. Sharing source code should become a standard in IT procurement across...

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Open Source Observatory
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