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Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS)

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The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a vocabulary to describe interoperability assets making it possible for ICT developers to explore and search for interoperability assets. 

ADMS allows public administrations, businesses, standardisation bodies and academia to:

  • describe semantic assets in a common way so that they can be seamlessly cross-queried and discovered by ICT developers  from a single access point, such as Joinup;
  • search, identify, retrieve, compare semantic assets to be reused avoiding duplication and expensive design work through a single point of access;
  • keep their own system for documenting and storing semantic assets;
  • improve indexing and visibility of their own assets;
  • link semantic assets to one another in cross-border and cross-sector settings.


Collections of interoperability assets searchable on Joinup

On 3 January 2013, a new version of Joinup was released in production. Together with it, a first wave of federated repositories and  semantic assets became searchable through Joinup. >> Read more

Known implementations

Google Refine RDF template for ADMS

OwnerEuropean Commission

Implementation date: April 2012


ADMS-enabled description of a vocabulary implemented in PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1.0


Date: June 2012


ADMS export feature for XRepository

OwnerGerman Federal Ministry of the Interior

Implementation date: June 2012



ADMS-compliant RDF export for W3C Technical Reports
Implementation date: June 2012


Automatic feed to harvest ADMS-compliant descriptions of GS1 in Europe assets
OwnerGS1 in Europe
Implementation date: July 2012

Repository enabling import and export of asset description metadata conformant to the ADMS specification
OwnerEuropean Commission
Implementation date: December 2012



Metadata Registry (MDR) of EU Publications Office: ADMS-compliant RDF export for MDR Named Authority Lists 

OwnerPublications Office of the EU

Implementation date: October 2013



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