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Created by Martin Hoffmann | 24 February 2015
Themes: eGovernment, eHealth, eServices for Business, eServices for Citizens
2 posts | 6 members | 38 downloads
The electronic identity (eID) building block helps public administrations and private online service providers to easily extend the use of their online services to citizens from other EU Member States. It allows cross-...
Created by Peter Macfarlane | 20 February 2015
Themes: eIdentity and eSecurity
1 posts | 4 members | 0 download
The product is a Java applet that can digitally sign PDF documents using a signing certificate that is contained in a smart card or similar secure signature creation device. It has a datastore of more than thirty smart...
Created by Stelios Lelis | 04 February 2015
Themes: eGovernment, eIdentity and eSecurity, eServices for Business, Interoperability
1 posts | 2 members | 0 download
STORK2.0 (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0; contributes to the realization of a single European electronic identification and authentication area. It does so by establishing...
Created by Maximilian Schmidt | 16 January 2015
Themes: Interoperability, Local/Regional Community Development, Open Source, Services for Citizens
1 posts | 1 members | 0 download
The GovApps project was created as a test site in the context of a research and development project and released on the 7th National IT Summit in Germany in November 2012. The goal of this portal was to investigate to...
Created by Thomas Francart | 11 December 2014
Themes: public international law, European Organisations
2 posts | 2 members | 0 download
RDFEdit allows to search, display and edit entries in an RDF (triplestore) database. It integrates the RDForms javascript RDF templating mechanism, that easily allows to display or edit RDF data entirely in the browser.
Created by Gjergj Sheldija | 23 November 2014
Themes: health care profession, health policy, medical science
1 posts | 1 members | 0 download
Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing,Outpatient,Wards,Labs, Pharmacy, Security,Admission,Schedulers, Repair, Communication & more. Multilanguage, WYSIWYG forms, userconfig,...
Created by Holger Spickmann | 12 November 2014
Themes: Defence
1 posts | 2 members | 0 download
Mobile computing is well accepted as a key driver to realize net-centric operations in joint and multinational scenarios. Mobile platforms are especially flexible and dynamic and therefore capable to enable the idea...
Created by Miguel Cornejo | 15 October 2014
Themes: information
1 posts | 1 members | 0 download
This is the code that enabled, a website (and set of mobile apps) built for the Management Partnership between the European Commission and the Spanish Government, by Tanta Tecnología...
Created by Sylvain Quoilin | 07 October 2014
Themes: electrical industry, energy policy
1 posts | 1 members | 0 download
The Dispa-SET model is a unit commitment and dispatch model developed within the “Joint Research Centre” and focused on the balancing and flexibility problems in European grids. It is written in GAMS and...
Created by Margot Fassian | 16 September 2014
Themes: International Relations, European Communities, Business and Competition, Education and Communications, International Organisations, Trade
8 posts | 37 members | 454 downloads
EUSurvey - the flexible and widely accessible solution for: collecting the opinions of stakeholders on a specific issue, rapidly consulting businesses, citizens or other interested parties, conducting user...