Go for Linked Open Data!

A new release of VocBench3 is available


VocBench3 is the most mature OSS platform for advanced thesaurus management and the only existing system providing in a single offer combined support for OWL ontologies, SKOS (and SKOS-XL) thesauri and Ontolex lexicons: its full compliance with W3C standards makes it a perfect platform for the evolution of many organizations and authorities towards production and publication of Linked Open Data.

The newest and most user-friendly version, VocBench 3 v6.0, offers improved visualisation, easier editing of thesauri and dedicated support for ontologies, thesauri, SKOS standards, OntoLex-Lemon lexicons and any other kind of RDF dataset. Additionally, the new version allows the import and export of data in various formats (XML based, RDF, Turtle, JSON) as well as the conversion of Excel files into RDF triples by using the built-in Sheet2RDF tool.

In addition to essential collaborative features (multi-user management, role definition, control of access), VocBench 3 provides a mechanism that allows users to link any RDF resource, which is inside a project and loaded into VocBench 3, to a collaboration platform such as JIRA. A change-tracking mechanism is implemented in the history feature and grants collaborative editing in the integrated validation workflow.

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