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Open source software enables users to use, study, redistribute, and modify software freely. It fosters interoperability by promoting standards-based development and collaboration among stakeholders. Keep up-to-date with the latest practices and tools of open source technology to ensure interoperability in digital public services.

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Last update: 05/12/2023

OSOR mission

OSOR is a place where the Free and Open Source software community can come together to publish news, find out about events, find relevant open source software solutions and read about the use of Free...
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Last update: 24/08/2023

Knowledge Centre

This page is periodically updated. If you wish to make a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: The Knowledge Centre gives you access to key information...
Last update: 13/02/2024

EC Open Source Programme Office

As each EU member state, the Commission has an Open Source Programme Office(OSPO) facilitating activities around the open source.
Open Source SoftwareICT
Last update: 29/11/2023


This EUPL collection focuses on open licensing in general. It includes the European Union Public Licence and more: A licensing assistant (the JLA) and guidance for all IT developers, practitioners or users to define the conditions under which a...
LegalReusable Software Components+3 topics
Last update: 21/07/2023

JLA - Find and compare software licenses

A unique tool allowing everyone to compare and select open licences based on their content. šŸ’” Also available: Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA) eLearning course.
Last update: 25/03/2024

Introduction to Open Software Licensing course

This free e-learning course provides a solid understanding about software licensing and licence types. It is a European Commission solution.
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Last update: 29/04/2024

One Year of the Public Buyers Community!

The Commission marks the first anniversary of the Public Buyers Community Platform, a tool to help improve procurement practices across Europe. The platform is a space for European public procurers...
Business and competitionCollaboration+2 topics
Last update: 20/03/2024

Intersection of AI, law, and data in the EU

The recent series of panel discussions on AI and open data ecosystems hosted by, generated extraordinary level of engagement for the three sessions. The discussions brought together experts to educate stakeholders in the open data environment about the transformative impact of AI. The panels aimed to shed light on how AI intersects with open data, such as using open data to train AI systems or employing AI to generate new data, while also delving into how EU regulatory proposals could shape this dynamic field:The first panel discussion focused on the legal aspects of AIā€¦
Artificial intelligence
Last update: 23/04/2024

Discover VocBench

What is VocBench?VocBench is a reusable open-source solution whose development is managed by the Publications Office of the European Union. VocBench is a web-based, multilingual, collaborative development platform for managing and sharing reference data and controlled lists of codes and terms used to organise information. Developed in a context neutral way as an open-source project, it can be deployed or further developed for any sector wanting to have authentic reference data/codes made available for information systems and human users.It is the most mature OSS platform for advanced thesaurusā€¦
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Latest News

Last update: 08/05/2024

New complex test development guide

The Test Bed team has published a new guide with detailed information and a step-by-step tutorial to support test developers with complex conformance testing needs. The Interoperability Test Bed, and in a particular the GITB software and its supporting specifications, is a comprehensive conformance testing solution for a projectā€™s semantic and technical specifications. Its typical use case is to validate exchanges between IT systems, in which the Test Bed acts as a testing counterpart to the systems under test, exchanging data with them according to specific scenarios, and validatingā€¦
ICTOpen Source Software+2 topics
Last update: 30/04/2024

PMĀ² Guide v.3.1 is now available

The Centre of Excellence in Project Management (CoEPMĀ²) of the European Commission announces the latest release of the PMĀ² Guide, version 3.1.This edition introduces a new appendix on Sustainability, Data Protection, IT Security, and UX in project management, addressing key contemporary challenges. The release also includes updates for improved clarity, in line with the continuous effort to maintain a high-quality resource.In relation to the new edition, Mrs Angeliki Chlapani, the Head of Unit responsible for Methodologies at DG DIGIT, stated:'This publication marks yet another small step inā€¦
Open Source Software
Last update: 08/05/2024

Joinup User Group Meeting outcomes - April 2024

On April 19, 2024, the Joinup Team hosted the first User Group Meeting of the year. Hosted virtually, the meeting aimed to showcase Joinup's latest developments, delve into its content, explore future directions, and foster interaction among participants. Throughout the session, the Joinup Team unveiled several noteworthy updates, including the introduction of the new Solutions hub, a unified Overview page, and enhanced navigation, facilitated by the new Bookmark feature. Furthermore, they highlighted improvements relevant to content creators, such as the ability to archive solutions and theā€¦
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