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e-Government Core Vocabularies

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Core Vocabularies v2.0

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Core Vocabularies are defined as simplified, re-usable and extensible data models that capture the fundamental characteristics of a data entity in a context-neutral and syntax-neutral fashion.


The 'Handbook on using the Core Vocabularies' describes how the Core Vocabularies can be used to:

  1. Design new data models that extend the Core Vocabularies; and
  2. Map existing data models to the Core Vocabularies.

Core Vocabularies v2.0

Comparing to version 1.1, in version 2.0 two new Core Vocabularies and an updated one(Core Evidence and Core Criterion Vocabulary, Core Public Organisation Vocabulary and the Applicaton Profile of Core Public Service Vocabulary) are mapped to the core data models.

Version 2.0 comprises the following vocabularies:


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Data Model, Semantic View
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28 Jun 2016 - 17:00
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3 Nov 2016 - 15:00