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Core Assessment Vocabulary

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What is the Core Assessment Vocabulary?

The Core Assessment Vocabulary represents and defines what an “Assessment” of “assets” is and how to perform the assessment based on “Criteria”. It is a domain-agnostic vocabulary, meaning that it can be used to assess any type of assets.

What are the benefits of using the Core Assessment Vocabulary?

The Core Assessment Vocabulary includes and defines the principal elements involved in the assessment of an asset, independently of what the asset is. By reusing other vocabularies and defining a reusable and extensible data model, it can facilitate the exchange of information between agents.

It allows to structure the data and enable the interoperability of assessments on “anything” that can be required via criteria and evidence.

Get Started!

Download the Core Assessment Vocabulary latest and previous releases.

Core Assessment Vocabulary key milestones

It was publicly reviewed through public consultation in November 2020, as well as discussed in different pool expert meetings that were held in parallel to further improve the vocabulary.  

In 2020, CAV will be developed from the Beta Version to version 1.0.0.

Get involved!

Do you want to participate in the work of our Core Vocabularies Working Group? Share your comments and change requests via the GitHub Core Assessment Vocabulary repository.